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meat – Greenland

Greenland Meat

Greenland Meat works under the guidance of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)to process fresh meat in the most hygienic manner possible. A USDA inspector is on-site every day to ensure the highest quality control and hygiene standards. Quality control is our top priority. We work hard to drive economic development by developing products to meet our changing customer needs.
Greenland was a pioneer in the meat-packing industry, in the initial development of LA-style Kalbi ribs. As a USDA facility, we have established a well-respected reputation for fresh, quality meats. We take pride in working closely with major US companies to supply our fresh meats, such as IBP, Cargill, and Swift. We have a long history of working with these companies to provide the best quality and freshest meats to our customers. We are striving to establish our international business to export meat to South Korea and throughout the world.

Our Services

Distributing Meat

Greenland strives to deliver the taste of Korea to the mainstream US market. Our Korean-style marinade is developed to meet the tastes of the consumer while maintaining the traditional taste of Korean barbeque. Our marinade adheres to the strict standards of the USDA and under HACCP controls.

Mimi’s marinated ribs and sauce is a brand loved by people around the world, and was the first Korean barbeque product to be sold to Costco. Greenland is committed to developing products for brand development, building on the base of our reputation for taste and quality in the US market.

Marinated Meat

Greenland delivers the taste of Korea to the US market.

Greenland’s meat sauce is developed to the best meat and a selection of condiments, and sincerity in facilities that adhere to the strict standards of the US Department of Agriculture USDA and HACCP.

Mimi’s seasoned ribs and sauce of roasted meat kitchen is a brand loved by people around the world, including Asian neighbor as the first Korean barbecue products to Costco.
Greenland and is still committed to each invited experts for brand development by Mimi’s kitchen, with its taste and credibility with mainstream large US market.