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produce – Greenland

Greenland Produce

Greenland is dedicated to delivering the freshest quality fruits and vegetables from local farms and from South Korea. Our prime location in Southern California allows us to procure farm fresh produce locally, as well as quickly import quality produce from South Korea. We have a long-standing partnership with the Republic of Korea Agricultural Cooperative, and Greenland has established itself as a prime importer of Korean produce at maximum volume.

Importing Produce

Agriculture and Fisheries of the Food exports to South Korea are on the rise every year, one of the agricultural products Korea-US FTA utilization exports a mere 51.7%, the situation is markedly lower than in manufactured goods (75.7%).

Greenland is trying to increase exports to Korea FTA utilization of agricultural and fishery products to the MOU, such as South Korea and the Korea Customs Service. All employees produce more so that Greenland could enter the United States has its best efforts.

Local Produce

Greenland procures fresh fruits and vegetables daily from local farms and vendors.
We are committed to supplying consumers with the freshest and highest-quality produce. Our suppliers have access to state-of-the-art amenities, such as heat treatment technology, and more.

Due to the growth in interest in organic products, especially produce, we are proud to provide quality organic products to consumers.
At Greenland, we are committed to the providing a more diverse selection and quality of organic products so that consumer confidence remains high in our brand.