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wholesale – Greenland

Greenland Wholesale

Products are carefully selected to represent South Korea and other Asian food brands
Supplies to American markets nationwide

Manufacturing Korean Foods

Greenland adheres to strict USDA and FDA guidelines, and utilizes the strictest sanitary standards for our facility using HACCP management systems. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products by developing healthy, nutritious recipes. We use the best quality ingredients to produce authentic Korean food products, in an effort to spread the taste of Korea to the world.

As well as Korean barbeque marinades, such as the product developed for Costco, Mimi’s Kitchen is committed to the dissemination of Korean tastes to the work. We have spotlighted Kimchi as a featured product and can produce 28 kinds of Kimchi, such as traditional cabbage kimchi, radish kimchee, mustard leaf kimchi, etc. We use the highest quality farm-fresh produce and traditional ingredients and methods to produce our tasty kimchi products.